I help leaders build breakthrough workforces

I take an entrepreneurial approach to the people discipline, challenging conventional wisdoms while re-inventing talent approaches to get ahead of demand. 


Through radical honesty, I address the real people issues that hold organisations back.


And through commercial foresight, I challenge people to completely re-think everything they thought they knew about how workforces create value.



The status quo is broken. The political, economic, social, and market certainties that have underpinned commercial success for the last 70 years are dramatically changing. Success is no longer assured by cutting costs, pursuing even greater efficiencies, and delivering short-term financial performance. Instead, businesses need to find new ways to stay constantly relevant in unpredictable and fast-moving markets, to compete in different economic systems, and to effectively engage all of their stakeholders in completely different ways.


Despite this, many businesses continue to answer yesterday’s questions. Established approaches, falling tactical rewards, fear of unknown risks, potential failure, or ‘rocking the boat’ limit an organisation’s ability to address the new challenges of the digital age.


However, we have reached a tipping point, where the risks of not adapting are starting to outweigh the risks of staying the same. Change is set to continue; the ride is only going to get faster and change more fundamental. To remain competitive, every company in every industry must rethink its established ways of doing business.


The transformation timebomb is ticking.


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Gavin Russell is the founder of Pepper Moth, a talent change and innovation partner. He has 20 years’ experience in change management, predominantly in the talent acquisition industry.


He has lived and worked in the UK, France, and Australia and advised both B2B and B2C organisations ranging from 100 to 250,000 employees. He lives in Buckinghamshire, UK with his wife, three sons and rather a lot of stick insects.