The problems I love to solve

I’m passionate about working with ambitious leaders of growth phase businesses between 500 and 5000 employees, keen to extract greater value from their talent.


Typically, their businesses struggle with not having enough of the right people that can make a difference. Their teams work in silos, morale is low and too few employees go the extra mile to solve issues or take on more responsibility. Their HR teams are too focussed on reacting to the immediate issues of the day, while people processes trump common sense, and rigid, one-size-fits-all HR approaches restrict flexibility and speed.


I bring an entrepreneurial mindset to the people discipline, challenging conventional wisdoms and reinventing talent approaches to help leaders and businesses:


  • Get ahead of the people demand curve

  • Turn their workforces into an asset liberated to perform, rather than a resource that needs to be controlled

  • Unpick and address the real people issues that hold organisations back

  • Build intrinsic strength, unlocking the power of authentic culture and inspirational leadership to create powerful, collaborative, adaptable, self-sufficient workforces. 


This results in faster, stronger, more sustainable growth. More effective talent pipelines deliver the right people at the right time. More engaged, motivated and collaborative teams make better, faster decisions under pressure. And more agile workforces are able to respond to faster moving opportunities and threats.